Wheels, Wills, Wells

Kévin Bray

28 May. – 3 Jul. 2021


Future Gallery is proud to present the first solo exhibition at the gallery by Kévin Bray, Wheels, Wills, Wells.

Playing with the porosity of diverse Media; re-organizing mediums and tools to shape a language that would be welcoming to all of them, the work of Kévin Bray (FR 1989) engages with different types of communication strategies. Traversing from cinema, graphic design, illustration, to painting, sculpture, music, and writing. In his work, Bray blends and conceptualizes all of the parameters of these expressions, by doing so, he builds up symbolic narratives commenting on our diverse existences and the appearances they embody.

This exhibition lays bare multiple types of cycles and their effects. Guts goals ghosts.

From the walking cycle discovered in the photographic studies of nature in motion, to the traditional walking cycles of animated movies. From the tools and strategies developed to understand the world, to the tools and strategies to keep us distant and alien to it. But also the rotary tool, the one that made us faster; our self-made extensions which helped us expand and extend our capacities.
And then, there is the scroll but also the troll, the stroll. Our digital dependence, dragging us into a Baudelairian spleen, spline, spiral in which media and their strategies are attracting us towards. ‘Wheels, Wills, Wells’ is an exhibition in which Bray offers us no object that is fully complete without its digital skin, as is our reality.

Anima, animated, animal, animism: the works keep existing in a dynamic flow. A piece of the puzzle is always kept in movement, in ceaseless transformation and translation. Through revealing the changing nature of the objects, the organs and organisms shaped become entities, which nourish the simultaneous transfiguration and dialogue engaged within this spectral ecosystem.