Bum Sunning

Nanhee Kim

14 Sep. – 14 Oct. 2022

Opening: September 13, 6 – 9 pm


Future Gallery is pleased to present Bum Sunning, a solo exhibition by Nanhee Kim. This will be the South Korean born, Hamburg-based artist’s first solo presentation in Berlin. The exhibition will feature a series of new large scale paintings.

Much like a deep learning program, Kim assesses an idea or phrase she has encountered and tries to compute what a befitting image might look like. She gathers source material for her compositions from conversations with friends, google images, reddit, tik tok and movies. The resulting compositions are colorful translations of her inputs. 

The title of the exhibition derives from a concept called Bum Sunning that went viral on social media, where people believed that prolonged exposure of one’s bum or butt to sunlight has health benefits such as cleansing one’s body from the inside or producing surges of energy. The  painting Untitled, 2022 depicts several figures with their legs to the sky shooting light from their rears. 

The artist’s seemingly humorous compositions draw a closeness between her observations and interpersonal narratives. These eye-catching images are hybridized constructions of imagination and discovery, luring the viewer into the artist’s quips. These paintings provide an insight into Kim’s view of the world and both inwardly and outwardly with playful jest and absurdity mixed in between.

Nanhee Kim (born 1993* in South Korea) lives and works in Hamburg. She recently completed her Masters degree in painting at HFBK Hamburg with Professor Anselm Reyle. Her work has been exhibited in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and China.