Young Money

Jennifer Chan

31 May. – 16 Jun. 2012

Future Gallery is pleased to present Young Money, Jennifer Chan’s first solo show in Europe.

In her work Chan explores Internet fetish communities. Her focus is on the tension between mediated sexual fantasies and corporeal desires. She contains her findings in creative gestures, through which she strives for a better understanding of complex motivations and power structures. Young Money is about the interconnected nature of various capitals: cultural, social, financial.

With hypercontemporary found object installation and remix video, this exhibition indulges in the valorization of youth and newness in both art and the internet. Some like it hot, some like it sloshy. Debuting online on www.intimatecrust.com, Young Money is a remix video that divulges Chan’s critical fantasies of white masculinity in relation to the internet. In these videos Chan draws continuances between micro-world of non-sexual online fetishes and young aspirations for sex(iness) and likeability.

keywords: white, boys, pizza, man, bromance, point of view, art, voyeur, american, catharsis, hole, glory, ebonics, taste, young, how to get rich, money, silver, gold, splosh, splash, wet look, hip hop, truth, burning,