Friend of a Friend (Warsaw)

7 Apr. – 28 Apr. 2018

Future Gallery (Berlin/Mexico City) showing Botond Keresztesi and Nora Turato
Lomex (New York) showing Bradley Kronz
Piktogram (Warsaw) hosting and showing Florian Auer,  Krystian Truth Czaplicki and Pawel Olszczynski
SVIT (Prague) showing Rudolf Samohejl and Jimena Mendoza

“Friend of a Friend” (April 7-28, 2018) project sees eight important and thriving Warsaw contemporary art galleries (BWA Warszawa, Foksal Gallery Foundation, LETO, Piktogram, Dawid Radziszewski, Raster, Stereo, Wschód) sharing their exhibition spaces with international guests. A dialogue with galleries from the Czech Republic, France, Germany, United States, Switzerland and Great Britain lies at the foundation of group shows featuring Polish and international artists.