Constant Dullaart

*1979, Leiderdorp, NL, Lives and works in Berlin and Amsterdam
PVA Composition (Diamond), 2016 Forex, aluminum, sim cards 117 x 182 cm

Fuzzy Club Mate, 20162 Cases of club mate, aerogel, glass43.2 x 33.3 x 31.2 cm each
Synthesised Image Net (Harddisk), 2016 Oil on canvas, boat lacquer150 x 150 cm

High Retention, Slow Delivery Bots, 2016 14 archival inkjet prints on Forex119.5 x 84 cm
Untitledinternet.com, 2012, domainname, code
HEALEDs_g20_RTR3AJZN, 2012, Digital c-print mounted on alu-dibond, 100 x 150 cm
Terms of Service, 2012, HD Video, 10:17
Poser, 2007, SD Video loop, Digital picture frame, 1:00:18