A Little Bit Too Much

Beny Wagner

20 Oct. – 10 Nov. 2012

Future Gallery is proud to present A Little Bit Too Much, a solo show by artist Beny Wagner.

The herringbone parquet was first adopted as an alternative to stone and marble inlay on the floors of french palaces. Using wood could be seen as a compromise, the acceptance of time shifting the material, which must be cared for and maintained.

As with many other objects woven through our social fabric, today’s parquet is an almost imperceptible touch of wealth. It is handcrafted luxury made affordable. It is the silent triumph of man standing upright, of his right to step on the surface of labor.

To sand wood is to care for it. A minor, attentive procedure geared at perfecting the wood’s finish. A carpenter applies this action mechanically, the memory of the required steps having shifted from the brain to his muscles, the attention no longer a conscious matter. The order of operations is prescribed, and this order cannot be broken. If reversed, and the rough succeeds the smooth, the entire work environment is placed in direct confrontation, rendering the surfaces and tools inadequate.